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Content marketing support that's helped marketing leaders achieve their most ambitious growth goals    

Decades of subject matter experience, deep familiarity with long B2B sales cycles, the latest marketing best practices, creativity to move mountains, an uncanny dedication to client success, painstaking attention to detail, high-value content marketing partnership that moves your marketing needle.

Silicon Mechanics

Silicon Mechanics is an industry-leading provider of server, storage, and high-performance computing solutions.
Summary: Working with both the marketing director and VP of marketing, I helped the Silicon Mechanics team hone their buyer personas, develop go to market messaging around both cloud computing and multi-level security, then build out inbound marketing content to support service launch.

Cloud Computing Web Copy
Silicon Mechanics reached out to us for help expanding it's website to include their expertise in private and hybrid cloud deployments.​

Intel Cloud Builders©  Case Study
​When Silicon Mechanics wanted to prepare their application for Intel's Cloud Builders program, they asked for our help writing a key case study.

​Multi-level Security Web Copy
Multi-Level security solutions were developed by the U.S Department of Defense to provide the highest level of data confidentiality and integrity. 


​Multi-level Security Solution Brief
Silicon Mechanics' hired us to write a solution brief that highlighted their expertise deploying highly-secure SELinux-based HPC systems.


Verne Global

Verne Global owns and operates a 44-acre data center campus in Keflavik, Iceland, and is dedicated to addressing two key issues facing today’s data revolution – power pricing and availability.
Case Study
Summary: Verne Global serves the HPC and scientific research communities. With no input from the company's SMEs, I developed authoritative content to drive a years-long marketing campaign focused on improving organic search traffic and blog subscriptions. The campaign created a 180% YOY increase in organic traffic and a 210% YOY increase in blog subscriptions

Tech Support

Manhattan Tech Support is an MSP that provides IT services to businesses in New York City and the New York metro area, specializing in network engineering and security.
Summary: Manhattan Tech Support is a regular feature on the annual "top MSP" listings and a trusted player in NYC's technology scene. As a long-time copywriter and marketing consultant to MTS, I've been instrumental in most of the company's marketing initiatives since 2015.    

Website Copywriting 
MTS needed a better foundation for marketing success. Working with the company leadership, I helped them concept a wireframe for a new website that would facilitate their marketing goals. Then I re-wrote over 70% of their website content, incorporating SEO best practices into copy that carefully addressed each of their buyer personas. 

Success metrics

Each outbound campaign generated over 60 marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and 15 sales qualified leads (SQLs), exceeding previous efforts.

Outbound Demand Generation and Funnel Copy

I created all the content for an outbound demand generation campaign around the company's ransomware services. Other outbound demand gen campaigns included: VoIP service and Microsoft 365

White Paper: How Managed IT Services Increases Efficiency and Lowers Cost

This deep dive into the managed service model and the benefits it provides SMBs. Writing the paper involved gathering insights from their leadership about what makes MTS unique in the NYC market, and combining those insight with my own knowledge of the IT services industry. 


Other lead magnets included: Building a Successful Cybersecurity Program for SMBs, Advancing Law Firm Efficiency Through Managed Technology, and Smarter Reporting and Better Business Decisions: Modern Business Intelligence.

Success metrics

Blog impressions increased over 312% over previous blogging campaigns, while website organic search traffic increased 240% in the same period.

Content Marketing and Blogging

A core pillar of MTS's demand generation success has been driving inbound leads with high-quality content that I produced, such as blog content and infographics.


Case Study
Complete Network provides high-value IT strategy, support, and security for small to medium-sized businesses in New York and North Carolina.

Summary: Complete Network gave me the rare opportunity to help a fast-growing MSP plan and execute their very first marketing efforts. Helping the company transition from a bare bones website to full-on marketing powerhouse has been a thrill for both me and the client.  

Website copywriting

The first order of business was completely refreshing the company's website. This meant digging deep into their buyer personas, developing new brand messages, then using those messages as a foundation for new copy.

  • Competitor analysis to identify areas of differentiation and strategic opportunity 

  • Messages that appeal to multiple buyer personas, while still flexible enough to adapt to various marketing channels and programs.


CNSIT Homepage Archived.jpg


Complete Network - New Homepage.png

Success metrics

Years of partnership have produced a range of satisfying results for the Complete Network team.

Organic search impressions increased 250% 

Website bounce rate reduced 52% 

Case Studies

Complete Network at The Capitala Group

Highlights Complete Network's success building and managing the IT of a leading financial services firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

>> view case study

Complete Network at Creighton Manning
Highlighted the clients success building and managing the network at Albany's Creighton Manning, one of upstate NY's leading civil engineering firms.

>> view case study

Pageviews per session increased from 1.2 to 3.9

During our partnership, Complete Network has added over $1 million in annual revenue

Blog Writing

Part of my content marketing support for Complete Network is regular blog posts that position them as a thought leader in their market, while helping to drive SEO results.​ Topics include:

  • Analysis of the managed IT service model and its benefits

  • Regulatory compliance, including FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, NY-DFS 

  • Cloud migration, security, and backup/disaster recovery (BDR).  

For 25 years, Worldcom Exchange International has been providing small, medium and large business throughout northern New England with technology expertise and leadership.


Summary: As large, well-staffed IT solution provider and value added reseller (VAR), the WEI marketing team relies on me to help them execute special projects that exceed their internal capabilities, capturing the WEI brand voice with minimal input from inside their company.

Mobile Security Campaign Sponsored by Dell-EMC

My most recent project for WEI was a series of long-form content pieces on the topic of enterprise mobility management (EMM). The content, which included one white paper, two supporting briefs, and three blog posts, drove a major quarterly marketing initiative for WEI.

White Paper - Mobile Efficiency and Innovation Through Next-Generation Security


"Enterprise mobility makes employees happier and more productive, but it has also presented serious security problems. What kind of devices should be allowed access to the company network, and with what permissions? How should enterprises govern the flow of data through the company network, and outside its boundaries? Given the potential for financial damage and loss of reputation, sacrificing security for mobility isn’t a trade-off that any company should feel comfortable making."

Prospects who downloaded the white paper received two briefs in as follow-up, Three Tips for Successful Enterprise Mobility Management Deployment, and Four Misconceptions of Enterprise Mobility Management

Blog Posts

To help extend the campaigns reach onto social media, and improve organic search relevancy around mobile security, the campaign was also supported by a series of three blog posts.

Success metrics

The first draft of the marketing content, which needed virtually no edits, won high praise from both WEI and Dell marketing personal. The EMM campaign generated a significant number of marketing and sales qualified leads for WEI at launch, and continues to drive engagement much later. 



The Cymbel Corporation is a provider of zero-trust security solutions and a trusted partner to leaders in the zero trust field, Palo Alto Networks and Managed SOC provider ON2IT. 

Summary: Cymbel was a very unique case. Despite an excellent reputation among the Fortune 500 community and U.S. state and federal agencies, their website and digital collateral looked like something you'd find on Geocities in the mid 90s. This website refresh brought everyone involved a great deal of relief.    

Refreshing Cymbel's website was a careful, multi-stage process  

Met with company sales and technical leadership to gather ideas and information

Reviewed existing company literature and researched the zero trust security model to fill in knowledge gaps

Outlined a site wireframe and page structure based on SEO best practices

Final delivery and the site went live

Tested the copy in a production site, gathered feedback, and iterated on the first draft 

Created a first draft of the copy and optimized with input from the client's internal stakeholders

Old website


New website


Success metrics

While hesitant to embark on other digital marketing projects, the Cymbel team enthusiastically embraced the new website as it helped demonstrate a new serious and confident image to both clients and partners alike.  

Kaytuso and Exceed Digital

Kaytuso is a managed security service provider that helps small and midsized businesses across the country achieve world-class security on an SMB budget.
Exceed Digital is a provider of digital transformation consulting services aimed at the  serving small and midsized businesses.

Summary: In addition to working with established companies, I also deeply enjoy workings with startups and young companies. Both Kaytuso and Exceed Digital lacked a foundation for digital marketing success. I helped them analyze their competitors, drill down into their own offerings, and develop website copy that put them on the path to future marketing success

Kaytuso - Key Messages and Website Copywriting
Kaytuso is a fast-growing MSSP. Without the ability to grow a confident web presence in-house, they reached out to me to ask for help defining their value. 
Building out their website content meant deep dives into PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FINRA, and a interfacing with Kaytuso SMEs about the benefits of a risk-based security approach, driven by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
Exceed Digital Logo.png
Exceed Digital - Competitor Analysis and Website Copywriting
Exceed Digital is a software development shop that specializes in guiding businesses through the planning and execution of digital transformation projects.
To develop the right website copy, I conducted extensive competitor analysis and then worked with their sales & marketing team to position them as an authority in business intelligence (BI), business process automation (BPA), and system integration.  


CounterTack is a next-generation endpoint protection platform that empowers security teams to neutralize and prevent advanced threats from damaging their business with proprietary in-memory analysis.

Summary: CounterTack needed a writer who could understand their complex cybersecurity products and create tight, impactful content with minimal input. Before GoSecure acquired CounterTack, I worked with their team on a variety of projects, ranging from short for blog posts, to in-depth technology briefs.   

Why Endpoints Need Active Threat Management
This article explores how active threat management, a combination of predictive analytics and machine learning, can be used to protect endpoints from new or polymorphic threats.

The Evolution of Threat Detection Technologies
This article explores the history of threat detection technologies, including a thorough analysis of how CounterTack's behavioral endpoint detection response (BDR) solution helps reduce dwell times




Huawei is a Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world.

Summary: My last in-house job was working at Fortune 500 ICT solutions provider Huawei. As the lead English writer and editor at Huawei's Enterprise Business Group (EBG), I was involved in the conceptualization and development of a vast array of marketing communications for their data center, storage, and cloud computing product lines.

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