Strategic Content Marketing, Right-Sized  
for Growing B2B Technology Companies

Content is king in B2B marketing.

Though outbound marketing still has an important place in the B2B marketing mix, content marketing is now the most effective way to build engagement, generate new leads, and develop a strong online brand.

But finding a partner who understands your complex services and can create consistent, high-quality content is a major challenge for marketers.

We help make content marketing for complex B2B technologies easier

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Content Strategy

• SEO strategy and content audits

Get the latest insights and make your next lead magnet a total success

According to MarketingCharts, content marketing is the #1 marketing strategy deployed by B2B marketers last year.

70% of B2B buyers cite company reputation as the most influential factor when choosing which company to do business with.

The Support You Need for Content Marketing Success

Effective content marketing takes strategy, continuous effort, and up-to-date intelligence to execute correctly. I’m a specialist marketing consultant and copywriter who helps SaaS, cloud computing, data analytics, IoT, and cybersecurity companies cover any skill gaps in their internal teams.

I'll help you optimize your budget and realize content marketing success

  • Develop nuanced buyer personas that provide real insight

  • Keyword research to drill down on important topics clusters

  • World-class copywriting to build resonant content for any B2B audience

  • Lead magnet planning and development service to grow your subscriber list

Why Do Tech Companies Invest in Content Marketing?

With the right content — delivered at the right time, to the right people — you can better connect with prospects, speak directly to their needs and fears, and lay out the strongest, most persuasive case for your value.

Educate Your Audience
Teaching prospects about the value of your services and solutions — and how they’re different from competing solutions — is an important way for generating top of the funnel marketing engagement and separating qualified leads from the tire kickers.

Establish Authority
By engaging with your audience throughout their buying journey and building a strong reputation as an expert in your field, you can build a trusting relationship with prospects. That trust is of inestimable value when it comes to buy.

Build Organic Visibility

B2B buyers are more than halfway through their buying journey before they contact your sales agents. Good marketing content gives your prospects the opportunity to find you through organic channels, like Google search, and engage with your brand before they reach out.

Copywriting is Central to Effective Content Marketing 

Good copywriting is, along with the right strategy, an indispensable part of content marketing. Without writing that’s engaging, lively, and intelligent, your content won’t get the attention or respect that you need it to.

What makes good copywriting?

Clarity and Style 
The first and most important job of any piece of content is to have a reader finish reading it. The only way to achieve that is to have content that turns even the most complex technical concepts into crisp, clear content that keeps the eye moving. Death to jargon and inscrutable paragraphs!

Structure and Logic
Every piece of content needs to build a sound argument. Whether it be a simple blog post, or a 30-page white paper, your writing partner should constructing an air-tight case for your products and services that covers every angle.

Your Distinctive Voice
You need writing that is authoritative and clear, but it also content that speaks to your prospects in a tone that is authentically your own. Stand out from the crowd by mixing straightforward salesmanship, research and fact, humor, and wit in just the right proportion.

Content Marketing is Easy with the Right Partner

Content marketing takes time and effort to get right. Not only do you need to generate new and engaging content for your prospects, but those efforts must be consistent over the long term.


To help them achieve that consistency, most businesses rely on an external partner, like BIOS Marketing & Communications.

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