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Passionate about technology, committed to generating long-term value.

The word BIOS has two meanings that are relevant to how we do business 


1: Basic Input/Output System. The part of a computer that mediates communication between its attached components.


From the Greek βῐ́ου, meaning "life," with an emphasis on a high quality or "the good life."

By helping clients capture and convert new leads through data-driven content marketing, we help them achieve a higher quality, more enjoyable life 

The BIOS Marketing & Communications Story

I'm passionate about technology and have been since I got my first PC and started running a BBS out of my bedroom house in the very early 1990s.


(I'm sorry for those phone bills, Mom)

The way that network are architected, how data moves through them, and the many ways that people can process and use information is a source of consistent fascination and inspiration to me. 

But, I'm equally interested in people, their psychology, and how they make complex decisions, so I chose marketing as a career path as a way to meld the two parts of my personality.


Since then, I've had the good fortunate to work as an in-house marketer for technology incubators, startups, and several major IT and technology companies, including Fortune 50 firm Huawei and Alibaba. 

I starting BIOS Marketing & Communications in 2016 to bring my experience in copywriting, visual design, marketing analytics, content strategy, and technology to a companies across the United States.

Since then, my small team and I have driven quantifiable results for a long list of companies, including $1 billion dollar technology services firms, growing midsized businesses, and startups.

Charles Comenos,
Founder and Creative Director

For more information, see the client testimonials and work sample in the portfolio, or keep browsing.

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