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Case Study: Verne Global
A Major Provider of HPC Compute Power Benefits 
From Years of Our Copywriting Support and Service

Problem: Verne Global needed blogging expertise to support their sales and marketing processes. The goal of the blogging was to demonstrate Verne Global's facility with the latest trends in HPC and other data technologies in order to earn thought leadership status with their client base.  

Format: Blog Post

Solution: I've provided almost two years of ongoing blogging support, exploring HPC application in a enormous number of industry verticals as well as other related topics. The copy I've created has played a major role in the company's sales and marketing efforts, winning consistently high praise from their leadership.

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Below is a partial list of the projects I've worked on for Verne Global. Click a topic to visit the live blog post hosted on the Verne Global website.

1. Advanced Analytics Drive the New Era of Cybersecurity

2. The Evolution of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Aviation

3. How HPC and Big Data Are Improving Fraud Detection

4. HPC for Life Sciences

5. Machine Learning and the AI Revolution

6. The Oil and Gas Industry: HPC's Most Faithful Clients

7. The New Era of Data-Driven Process Manufacturing

8. Siting Data Center in the Arctic Circle

9. Gauging Customer Satisfaction with the Net Promoter System

10. The Data Center - Foundation of the Smart City

11. Smart City Case Study: Barcelona

12. Next-Generation Disease Diagnosis with Machine Learning

13. Pharmaceutical Discovery in the Age of Big Data Analytics

14. The New Wave of Chip Competition in the HPC Industry

15. Manufacturing is Getting the HPC Makeover

16. Deep Learning, Power Density, and Data Center Sustainability

17. Computational Fluid Dynamics Powers Victory in F1 Racing

18. Seismological Study and Earthquake Analysis Benefit from HPC

19. Can Simulation Replace Automobile Crash Testing?

20. HPC Drives Advances in Land, Sea, and Space Observation

31. Deep Learning and the Search for Vehicle Autonomy

"Charles needed no input from our team to get up to speed on some pretty esoteric technologies, create great work, and get it delivered to us on time and budget. He'd make a valuable addition to any team that needs high-quality marketing content. Also, he's a pleasure to work with!"
"A work of art!"
"The best money I spend in my budget."
-Adan Nethersole, Director of Marketing at Verne Global
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