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Content Marketing for Engineering Firms that
Attracts Quality Leads and Drives Growth 

The team of technical creatives we've built will help you develop world-class content, raise your profile, and close more new business. 

How to Grow Your Engineering Firm

Your works keep our municipalities and infrastructure functioning. However, like any other business you face stiff competition to win new clients and projects.

The most effective way to earn consistent inbound leads is by developing a strong and visible online presence, and that takes creating a quality marketing content program.

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30-minute strategy session: 

Case Study: Engineering 
For over decade, I've been helping engineering firms develop and launch content marketing programs that generate real sales results.

You can read all about the here
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Is your engineering firm ready for a content marketing partner?

Not all security consultants and MSSPs need a content market partner in their corner, here are some ways to know that it's time to enlist the help of an outside expert.

•  Your website has grown stale and isn't  attracting you valuable new opportunities  

• You understand the value of high-quality content but don't have in-house marketing team. 

•  You don't have a strategy, a clear and data-driven why, for creating new content.

• The myriad Google updates, analytics reports, and new tools are overwhelming your team

“Having a partner like Charles who can come in, in many cases with nothing more than a concept, develop, interview, and research to help craft the story we need to tell has been an enormous help. I'd highly recommend Charles and look forward to working with him again.”

- Mike Tenhulzen, Silicon Mechanics

Good Marketing Requires Strategy, Tactics, and Creativity

Cybersecurity firms come to us for word-perfect copywriting and sharp visuals that drive results among discerning buyers at every stage through the long B2B buying cycle   

Our Content Marketing Process


Site Audit

Analyze your website and existing content to find what's working already and uncover important technical SEO issues 
Here's Our Recipe for Success
We've put our entire process, and some of our most valuable content marketing secrets and tactics in this guide.

You can read all about the here 
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Why Content Marketing is Ideal for B2B and B2G Sales 

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the digital marketing toolboxes, when it's handled correctly.


In fact, most marketers agree that content marketing may have already become synonymous with just marketing, as traditional marketing tactics like cold calls and emails gradually fade in importance. Here are the primary ways that you can expect to benefit from a consistent investment in content marketing.

Today's Engineering Clients are Self-Directed
Business decision spend half their buying journey engaging with content before they reach out to your salespeople. Are you putting your best foot

Notice we said, done right above? There are lots of elements that go into a successful content marketing campaign.

How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy for Engineering Firms

Content marketing, inbound marketing, and search engine optimization are now leading strategies for B2B services marketers, as research from Hubspot finds that 70% of buyers engage with 3 to 5 pieces of content before talking to a salesperson.

But it’s one thing to just start developing content and hope it goes well, it’s another thing entirely to have a documented strategy for developing, distributing, and optimizing content that leads to business growth. 


Identify Weaknesses in Your Digital Marketing

Without a fully-staff inbound marketing departments, you will invariably have weak spots in your digital marketing. The first step to addressing understand where those constraints are.

  • Are you not attracting enough traffic?

  • Are visitors coming to your site and not converting?

  • Is the content you’re producing not connecting with readers?

Problems at any stage of your funnel will harm your marketing efforts and reduce your ROI. We help you identify and resolve those issues, so you’re always getting the maximum ROI from your efforts.

Create Marketing Content That Builds Your Brand

Because excellent thought leadership content is the cornerstone of any effective marketing strategy, it’s probably helpful to clarify what we mean by great.

Technical But Compelling
We specialize in boiling technical concepts into engaging copy and content that people enjoy reading. Many years of content marketing work has taught us that this is the content that performs best.

Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy  
Don’t just regurgitate what the competition has done, take each content project as an opportunity to demonstrate the four elements above, which Google prioritizes. When necessary, we’ll work with your staff to help gather ideas, then do supplementary research to determine how we can talk about a subject to maximize
its value and appeal to your audience.

Make it Enjoyable to Read
Just because you’re an engineering firm, doesn’t mean your content needs to be dry. Subtle humor, references to things people understand, and captivating headlines can all make the key difference between a piece of content that no one responds to, and one that outperforms expectations.

Why is Content Marketing Ideal for Engineering Firms? 

Seasoned digital marketers agree that creating and distributing quality, targeted content will soon become so standard that it's known as just marketing. This is doubly true in the engineering services field, where the importance of thought leadership continues to grow.


Here are the primary ways that you can expect to benefit from a consistent investment in content marketing.


  • Project Authority
    Don’t just say you’re an expert, explore a topic in depth and show your audience your expertise. 

  • Cater to Self-Directed Buyers
    Today’s decision-makers spend half their buying journey engaging with content before they reach out to your salespeople; are you confident that you’re meeting them halfway? 

  • Build a Visible Brand
    Making your businesses a visible, trustworthy expert means prospects can start approaching you, so you can stop chasing them.

Making your businesses a visible, trustworthy expert means prospects can start approaching you, so you can stop chasing them.

SEO Consulting for MSSPs and Cybersecurity Firms

If you’re going to create and distribute high-quality content, then it’s important that you have the right SEO strategy in place so that you create the right content to get found by prospects and slowly build greater visibility. 

Optimized Service Pages
Targeting the right keywords, while also speaking to your customers in an empathetic, exciting way is the only way to create service pages that help move your marketing needle. 


Website Structure 
Multi-location businesses should carefully structure their website with targeted location pages to make sure they’re capturing traffic in the optimal way.


Link Audits and Link Building

Having us build external links to your website from in-niche, authoritative sites in the cybersecurity industry is one of the best ways to improve your Google ranking.

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