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Consistent Blog Writing that Drives SEO Results
and Engages Sophisticated Audiences  

Consistent, strategic blogging is foundational to content marketing success.

When approached right, it helps you build organic search traffic, establish visibility and authority in your field, and nurture leads.

What makes a great blog post?

Quality blog content is the product of content marketing strategy, SEO best practices, and great copywriting. 
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We ghostwrite blog articles that help you drive B2B marketing program success

  • Keyword research, buyer persona research, and competitor analysis to maximize the impact of every post.

  • Word-perfect writing that engages your prospects and helps converts readers into subscribers.

  • The latest research from Gartner, Deloitte, Forrester, and other leading firms. 

The Importance of Search Traffic in B2B Technology

SEO and organic traffic from search engines is one of the most important customer acquisition channels for B2B software and services companies. Here's how organic reach at each stage of the buyer's journey helps you accelerate growth

Traffic Equals Leads
Research from Hubspot shows that 61% of B2B marketers say that SEO and organic traffic generate more leads than any other marketing program.

-Hubspot's Not Another State of Marketing Report

Visibility Matters
Being on the first page of Google is important, because 75% of visitors never scroll past the first page, also according to our good friends at Hubspot.

-Hubspot's 120 Marketing Stats, Charts, and Graphs 

Content is Still King
Nearly two-thirds of SEO experts agree, content is the most important ranking factor for SEO results, according to research from Databox.


Win More Business
In industries that we serve, like B2B software, data science, and IT services, organic traffic has nearly 2x the conversion rate of other marketing channels, like pay per click (PPC) ads. 

Your Blog is Too Important for an Inexperienced Copywriter  

Blogging is one of the best ways to open and maintain a dialog with prospects. Many companies struggle to blog consistently with internal resources, but finding a trusted copywriting partner is can be just as daunting.

I take the pain and uncertainty out of blog management by providing consistent, impactful blog strategy and copywriting service for even the most technologically complex products.

Blog Writing Service for Complex B2B Technologies
Expertise and authority are central to content marketing, according to Google's own internal documents. But most marketing agencies lack internal writers who can produce actually authoritative content, which is where the BIOS Marketing & Communications team steps in.

Content marketing support from specialist technology copywriter ensures each blog post is word perfect   

  • Deep familiarity with the latest industry trends 

  • Easy interaction with your subject matter experts

  • Minimal learning curves and input required

Crafted for Your Buyer Personas

Effective content marketing is built on deep research into your buyer's goals, objections, and journey. We craft each blog post to speak to your personas the way you need to generate, nurture, or close leads.

  • Thoroughly researched, thoughtfully written

  • Tone and style for any audience

Blogs can be a quotidian marketing chore, or

they can be high-powered inbound marketing super-weapons — we specialize in the latter.  

Built for Organic Reach
Good creative needs to be grounded in effective strategy to maximize ROI. I'm a content strategist and copywriter who will ensure every blog post plays a part in your overall strategy.


  • Keyword research and competitor analysis

  • Optimized internal and external linking  

Interested in how quality blogging drives growth? 
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Do You Have a Strategy for Blog Optimization?

A well-written blog and good content strategy must be supported by content marketing best practices. When you work with BIOS Marketing & Communications, you know get 

Topic Clusters

Instead of individual keywords, the topic cluster model focuses blogging and other content efforts on answering long-form questions that better align with your searchers intent. 


The Hub and Spoke Model

Building a central "hub" page on your website and then creating secondary "spoke" content around those hubs, with the correct linking, is the best way to organize a website for SEO results


Dependable Blog Consistency and Quality with No Stress   

Content marketing takes time, dedication, and know-how. To realize content marketing ROI, you'll need to stay focused and maintain a high copywriting standard for each project.  

Many B2B software and technology services firms look to an external partner,
like BIOS Marketing & Communications, to achieve that standard.


Contact us to find out how we can help!

email me: charles (at) hellobios . com

phone: 978 908 7496

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