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Case Background

Problem: Multi-level security (MLS) takes the right technical skill-set and expertise to properly implement. Because of the relatively high barrier to entry, there are a limited number of solutions providers in the US that can meet federal government agencies' strict data security requirements for multi-level security (MLS) systems. Silicon Mechanics began offering MLS solutions to their public sector clients, and asked me write them web copy to showcase their abilities.

Format: Web Copy

Solution: MLS solutions, which combine a trusted operating system that uses Mandatory Access Controls (MAC) along with a hardened hardware solutions, are designed to meet strict security criteria as outlined by the Department of Defense Orange Book and the internationally recognized Common Criteria. I dug deep into those requirements, as well as the technical details of MLS implementation to write the follow web copy

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"With a growing list of initiatives, shortened deadlines and new greenfield developments, there are times that without the support of Charles, I wouldn’t have been able to reach all our goals. From website content, to solution briefs, Charles has been a welcome find. Having a partner like Charles who can come in, in many cases with nothing more than a concept, develop, interview, and research to help craft the story we need to tell has been an enormous help. I'd highly recommend Charles and look forward to working with him in the future."
- Mike Tenhulzen, Director of Marketing, Silicon Mechanics 

Clicking on the image of the Silicon Mechanics MLS webpage below to see the complete copy.

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