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copy·​writ·​er | \ ˈkä-pē-ˌrī-tər  \
a writer of advertising or publicity copy

A digital copywriter does so much more than just write ad copy though, they help
you communicate with consistency and impact across each of your marketing channels.

Website Copywriting

Powerful, well-written website copy is the first step to digital marketing success. From strategy to delivery, I'll make sure your website is as powerful as possible.

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Sales and Marketing Emails

Well-written, targeted marketing emails provide the highest return of any marketing investment. 

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Sales Enablement Content

Give sales reps impressive, targeted collateral that's customized for each of your target customers. 

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Landing Pages and Sales Pages

Optimize your outbound, PPC, and content marketing campaigns with landing pages that inspire action. 

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What's the difference between content writing and copywriting?

These two writers share the same goal – helping you market more effectively – there are key differences.

Content writers create informative marketing materials that build brand awareness and authority. The emphasis is on gaining a prospect’s trust.

Copywriters inspire action. They use psychology and competitor analysis to make people want your services and make an immediate purchase.

My first passion is motivating people to take action with conversion copywriting, but I also love digging deep into a service or solution and developing long-form content as well.  
White Papers and eBooks

Long form content positions you as a thought leader in your field and acts as a lead magnet

Case Studies

Case studies tell the story of your success and provide persuasive social proof 

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Blog Writing

Informative, authoritative blogs are the heart of any SEO or content marketing strategy 

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The  Value of IT Industry Expertise and Specialization

BIOS Marketing & Communications works exclusively with software and IT services firms. This subject matter specialization provides you with extra quality, and peace of mind.    

Because we spend all day writing for IT companies, our writing teams with confidence. 

Industry Insights
All our writing is fueled by the the latest research and data points from Gartner, Forrester, the Ponemon Institute, and others.

Easy SME Interaction 
If we do need to speak with someone on your team, we're prepared to speak their language.