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Case Study: Technology Services 

Content marketing is one of the enduring growth strategies for managed IT services firms, value-added resellers, and IT consultants. But maximizing the return on investment of a content marketing effort takes a reliable process, creativity, and consistency.

Since leaving my previous job in a Fortune 500 marketing department, I’ve worked as a trusted content marketing partner to technology services firms across the country, helping generate millions of dollars in revenue.

Astute Technology Management


"Charles has been an integral part of increasing our organic search visibility, resulting in increased leads from our web presence. Charles continues to help us produce high quality content with a precise mix of technical depth and readability"
- Eric Madden, Founder Astute Technology

Solution: My engagement with Astute Technology Management began with a long discussion with the company’s founders to better understand their ideal clients and goals.

After we’d clarified a strategic direction, I began with some light website optimizations, then a regular schedule of SEO-optimized content for Astute’s blog to help drive increased traffic. At this early stage, this content was focused on their core offering of managed IT solutions and cybersecurity services.

"With just a modest investment in high-quality blog content and basic SEO strategies, we were able to increase their website traffic dramatically, and started generating new leads in our first year."

Over four years, our partnership has deepened. 


As new and larger clients came on board at Astute, we worked to expand and refine the content marketing strategy to reflect those new priorities.

These strategic pivots included refocusing the strategy to focus on high-value content to drive engagement among decision-makers in specific industry verticals, the development of lead magnets to convert website traffic into sales opportunities, as well as adding an expanded local SEO component to the strategy so we could boost the visibility of the company’s new regional offices.  

Complete Network


Background: When I first engaged Complete Network, they were already well established in several major cities, with plans for rapid expansion into new markets.


Because I was living nearby one of the company’s offices, I was able to travel to meet with their leadership team in person and discuss their marketing needs.


During that initial conversation, the Complete Network team expressed a keen understanding of how content marketing and SEO could help them grow their business, but they hadn't embarked on any of those those initiatives.

The reason was they lacked a partner who could help them create sharp and engaging content that was optimized for inbound marketing performance. Secondarily, they needed marketing guidance and provide a sounding board for new content-related ideas.

Solution: Over the past four years, I’ve helped Complete Network on a variety of digital marketing initiatives, working in partnership with both the Complete Network team and a succession of well-known B2B marketing agencies.


During that time, I’ve contributed both copywriting and strategic input to help create content marketing results. Some of the tactics we've used to create results includes: 

SEO Blogging

A centerpiece of Complete Network’s content strategy has been the methodical creation of high-value blog content that’s optimized for organic results. To Exploring technical topics in the necessary depth, simplifying other concepts as needed,   

Lead Magnet Development

We developed a gated white paper called, “The Guide to Choosing an MSP” to convert newly developed website traffic into sales opportunities. I’ve created several white papers for Complete Network including their “Vendor Selection Guide.” The first was a guide to the MSP vendor selection process, the second was a similar guide to co-managed IT services.  

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This is just a small sample of the results we've helped created for my clients. To see more successes and client testimonials, continue on to the portfolio.   

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