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25 Important Case Study Interview Questions

Case studies are one of the most commonly used and impactful tools in the content marketers toolbox. But without the right preparation, an interviewer won't capture the information they need to maximize the impact of the new case study.

We hate missed opportunities, so we've created this handy list of 25 impactful case study interview questions to make sure your case study crackles with social-proof-power.

Case Study Background Information

Start with the basics about the company and the person that you’re interviewing.

  • What does your company do? How large is the company?

  • Talk about your role as [job title] in your company

  • How does your team fit into the overall company?

  • Who is your target customer? What pain points do you solve for them?

The Challenge and Vendor Selection Process

Dig deep into their buyer’s journey, including other solutions evaluated and the features that mattered most.

  • What was challenge that caused you to seek out [client]?

  • What was your process like at that time? Was there an existing product?

  • If the pain point was long-lasting, what changed in the status quo and incited a search?

  • How did they find and evaluate solutions to their problem? What personnel were involved?

  • What were the major, potentially deal-breaking features you needed or needed to avoid?

  • Why did you end up choosing [client] as a solution provider? What made them unique or stand out from the competition?

  • What expectations did you have when you engaged [client], what fears did you have?

  • Did you requirements change at all throughout the buying journey?

Reveal the Value of Your Solution

What impact did you have the client? These questions should help you determine that.

  • How did the early phases of using the new solution/service proceed?

  • Which department or team used the new solution first?

  • Was there a deadline or sense of urgency around the new solution?

  • How did the solution help [interviewee] improve upon your business processes?

  • What as the most obvious advantage that you gained from using the solution?

  • Are there any metrics or quantifiable benefits you’ve realized through the product?

Measure Customer Satisfaction

You worked hard to make your customer. Drill down into the details and maximize the impact of your social proof.

  • How as the solution helped you solve the business problems you listed earlier?

  • What is your favorite part of working with our product or service?

  • Would you recommend [client] to a colleague or friend?

  • How did the product or service differ from what you thought beforehand?

  • How would you describe the benefit of the solution in a few sentences?

  • Do you think the product was worthwhile or not?

  • Are you still doing business with [client]? Why or why not?

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