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Landing and Sales Pages That Work Like a 
High-Performing, 24/7 Sales Representative

Maximize webinar, product demonstration, and free trial signups with landing pages that are optimized to your prospects' needs and objections. 

Sales and landing pages are your workhorses of the digital marketing world.


To maximize conversion, your copywriter must be choose every sentence and word with care, or else they're wasting your time.

I combine a decade of copywriting experience with thorough research into your prospects and competition. The result is a landing or sales page that produces the conversion rate you need.

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Are Your Landing Pages Optimized for Conversion?

Limiting your signup form to just 2 or 3 fields significantly improves conversion, with email and phone being best. 
- WP Forms
Using the word "submit" on your landing page will decrease conversion by 3%, as opposed to "Click Here" or "Go"

A personalized call-to-action converts 202% better than non-personalized one.
- Hubspot

Which Landing Page Best Suits Your Need?

More than any other marketing collateral, websites copywriting requires a strong foundation of research. You should perform buyer persona research, competitor analysis, and a thorough SEO audit before you start writing.

Sales Pages
The longest and most ambitious of all the action-oriented digital conversion projects, the sales page is designed to do just what it says – sell your product.

By explaining all the features and benefits of your SaaS or service in detail, you create a reliable sales agent that is out pounding the digital pavement (and closing deals) 24/7.

Landing Pages
A time-tested warrior of the digital marketing space, landing pages are built to induce action from a specific audience or persona.


The landing page is usually focused on a single product or service, such as a webinar signup, or newsletter signup.

Squeeze Pages
Just because they’re the smallest of the conversion-oriented pages, doesn’t mean they’re any less important than their long-form cousins.

A well-written squeeze page is crucial to gathering email addresses in exchange for downloadable content.

The Elements of an Effective Landing Page

Headlines and sub-headlines
No matter what new best practices emerge, a concise, impactful headline that's built to capture your persona's attention is always vital.  

Body copy
Trim the fat. Busy business buyers don't need fluff or hyperbole, they want a clear and coherent business case.

Crating the right call to action for your landing page takes equal measures of research, inspiration, and testing. 

Other important elements include, clearly stated benefits, a unique selling proposition (USP), and strong social proof.

Landing Pages That Speak
"B2B Sales Cycle"

B2B sales cycles are long and complex. You need landing page copy that can play an appropriate role in your buyers journey.

Confident without seeming arrogant, authoritative without being boring, results-oriented without being "used care salesman."


Want to see how that looks like?
Click here to see my portfolio

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"When Every Word Matters" — That's Our Raison D'etre 

You're looking for a copywriter who can craft the landing pages you need and take things off your plate. That means every word, sentence, and paragraph focused directly marketing results. We get it, that's what we do.


email me: charles (at) hellobios . com

phone: 978 908 7496

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