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Develop a Case Study That Earns You
Trust, Reputation, and More Business

There are fewer tools in the content marketer’s bag of tricks that are more powerful and persuasive than a well-written case study. Research shows that 77% percent of consideration stage B2B buyers look to case studies to help them make a buying decision.

Why do B2B tech companies hire me to write their case studies?

Strategy and Insight  
I understand long B2B sales funnels and will help you position your case study to address your buyer personas' needs and objections.

The Right Style and Tone
Boring case studies are a tragic waste of time and money. I'll balance authority, brand voice, and the latest copywriting best practices 

Efficient and Engaging Interviews

To capture the right information for your case study, I'll lead an interview that draws out the right info and quotes. 

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Build your B2B case study with the latest best practices
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The Marketing Impact of Social Proof

There's no tool more powerful in the marketers toolbox than the word of a satisfied customer. Case studies, as the ultimate form of social proof, can play a enormous positive role in any B2B marketing effort. 

According to research by Eccolo Media, case studies are the 3rd most effective form of marketing content in the B2B purchase process.

- Eccolo Media

97% of B2B buyers say that peer recommendations and testimonials are the most reliable type of content in their inbound strategy

- DemandGen Report

69% of all B2B marketers are including case studies as part of their content strategy.

- Content Marketing Institute

A Mature Process for Producing Impactful Case Studies 

The only way to keep a case study on track to success is with a clear, documented process. Over a decade of providing content marketing and copywriting services, we've developed  a process you can rely on.

Kick-off and strategy session

Client interview

First draft and feedback


Case Study Strategy
Before you build your case study, you’ll have to find a business success and angle that will be resonant with your prospects. Find the aspects of your case who they can best relate to -- whether they be in the same industry or having the same problem -- and strategize how you can most effectively portray your success.

Curious what a well-written case study looks like?

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see a sample

Make Your Case Study Enjoyable 
Ahh, the importance of style. B2B case studies, especially when they involve highly technical products, have been known to veer into the dry side; you shouldn't let it.

Lively, engaging writing is crucial to ensuring that your case study has the marketing impact you want it to. We help you create a narrative that's tailored to your target audience; that speaks to them in their language.

  • No fluff language or marketing hype

  • Clear conversational tone that prioritizes readability

  • Appropriate use of figures and hard data (when possible)

Choose a Format That Best Highlights Your Success
Don’t just settle for problem, solution, results format, if that’s not what you think will appeal to your customers. Infographics, animations, or video clips may be better suited to making your case, as they’re easier to share so keep your creative juices flowing throughout the process. Strive to stand out.

What Makes a Good Case Study Interview?

It can be nerve-wracking to ask a freelancer to speak with your customers, so you should have someone behind the wheel of your case study interview who can get the information quickly with professionalism.

To make it easier, we've compiled this list of 25 powerful case study interview questions, which should give you a great starting point for any project.

Click here to see the list.

25 Important Case Study Questions.png

A Case Study Writer Who Understands B2B Tech   

Creating an effective case study takes time, including strategy, research, and several rounds of writing and revision. Shouldn't you be spending that time other high value tasks? 

Many businesses rely BIOS Marketing & Communications to provide trusted, outsourced copywriting and content marketing support, so they can focus on growth. Want to find out more?

email me: charles (at) hellobios . com

phone: 978 908 7496

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