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Copywriting Services FAQ

This frequently asked questions (FAQ) is designed to help you understand how a freelance copywriter can help your business grow. Have a question you don't see here? Feel free to ask.

What does a copywriter do?

Copywriter is a broad category of business writer who creates the messaging and content used in marketing and advertising campaigns. Copywriters can write anything from website copy, to landing pages, pay per click (PPC) ads, white papers, blog posts, video scripts, and much more.


What is a conversion copywriter?

A conversion copywriter is a special breed of copywriter who crafts and optimizes a sales and marketing funnel — like email, landing, and sales page copy — for sales conversion. They induce prospects take action and make purchases. This process involves a particular set of writing skills, marketing know-how, and very careful persona research.

What is a direct response copywriter?
The term “direct response” copywriter was coined in the day when advertising by U.S. mail was more popular than it is now. Direct response mailings, especially in the B2B tech world, are very rarely used, so this term isn’t generally relevant to what I do here. Direct response marketing is alive in well in other industries though! It’s hugely popular in healthcare and consumer packaged goods marketing.

Why do businesses hire a copywriter?
There are three reasons why a business hires an external copywriter. The first is to optimize the conversion rate of their copy and other metrics. Another is to improve their brand messaging and differentiate themselves from the competition. Third, many companies use freelance copywriters to stay more consistent with their marketing and relieve pressure from internal staff.


How do I find the right copywriter for my business?

You should always work with copywriter who has experience in your industry. This ensures they’ll understand your market, products and pain points. Next, ensure they have a solid track record of success. Do they have testimonials and a large work portfolio? You'll also want to find a writer who is easy to work with and easily adapts to your company culture.

How do SaaS and software firms benefit from working with a copywriter?

Of all the businesses in the IT industry, software firms are the most likely to need an experienced copywriter. Software marketing is highly sophisticated, with constant tracking and optimization of marketing metrics like CTR, CAC, MMR and others. Copywriters are crucial to optimizing those metrics and maximizing the ROI of your marketing efforts.


Do IT services firms benefit from hiring a copywriter?
Yes! As the IT services space continues to evolve, there is increasing pressure on MSPs, VARs, and IT consultants to differentiate themselves. In addition to developing the right key messages to help stand out from the pack, copywriters also help you develop the materials you need to build a more visible brand. You may also want to check out our content marketing FAQ (coming soon).

Do you have experience writing about my IT products or services?
My clients work in specific, often complex industry niches. While I can’t say that I’ve written about every IT service or product in existence, 10+ years of writing exclusively for IT companies —combined with my two decades of experience as a software developer — enables me to get up to speed on any IT product or service with minimal input.

Do you have any work samples that I can look at?
Of course! You should take a look at my portfolio. If there's a specific project you want help with, but you don't see it in the portfolio, just reach out and ask for more information. I try to update my online portfolio as often as possible, but many things don't make it in there.



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