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A Content Marketing and Copywriting Partner
for Data Science and Analytics Firms  

Develop a deep understanding of your prospects and competition, then build impactful marketing content that drives organic traffic and sales conversion.
  • Go-to-market strategy and messaging optimization

  • SEO and content strategy, planning, and calendar 

  • Develop high-quality content optimized for search and engagement with your buyer personas

Case Studies and Successes

Companies work with me to help improve meaningful website traffic metrics, convert leads into clients, and clients into evangelists. 

Below are some of my clients' recent successes

"Charles needed no input from our team to get up to speed on esoteric technologies, create great work, and get it delivered to us on time and budget. He'd make a valuable addition to any team that needs high-quality marketing content. Also, he's a pleasure to work with!”

— Adam Nethersole, Marketing Director, Verne Global

Copywriting Support for Leading 
Data Analytics Consultancy 

Content Marketing Support for an
HPC and Machine Learning Leader

A leading data science consultancy in the Midwest asked me to provide strategic copywriting to support their inbound marketing goals.

Metrics of success

A major HPC provider asked me to define and communicate their value in the machine learning field with in-depth marketing content.

Metrics of success

Unique website visitors 

Inbound MQLs 

Blog Views

White paper downloads





Projects: Blog writing, case study writing

Topics: Snowflake, Predictive Analytics AWS, Tableau, Power BI, Predictive Analytics, 

Projects: Blog writing, website writing

Topics: Machine learning, deep learning, computational fluid dynamics, data center design

BIOS Marketing & Communications Means
Experience, Proven Process, and Quantifiable Results 

Hiring a freelance copywriter or content marketer can be confusing and stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

I partner with tech companies and marketing agencies, taking the uncertainty and guesswork out of their content marketing programs.

Competitor and Positioning Analysis

I've written exclusively about IT for over a decade, so I understand your products, industry, and goals. 

Content Strategy and Planning
Based on your personas and competition, I'll help you develop brand story and content plan that fits your inbound and outbound goals.

Buyer Persona Research
If I need to gather info from your team, I'm prepared to make that process as fast and efficient as possible.

Content Marketing Consistency
Long-term content support means always on-time deliverables that allow you to focus on more strategic tasks.

Learn more about the benefit of specialist writer for your content marketing projects

Want to see how I help B2B marketers breath fresh air into their efforts while improving impact and engagement? 

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